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Arma Mesh

Don’t be fooled by first impressions, as this IS NOT PVA! It’s a new baiting system that utilises a mesh that doesn’t breakdown in water.

It was originally developed to prevent crayfish or other small ‘nuisance’ fish attacking your hookbait, but in fact offers a huge list of additional benefits that will appeal to all types of anglers: carp, match, predator and even sea anglers!

The mesh creates an almost invisible cage around your bait which stops small fish eating it, while still allowing the flavours to leak out into the water. It also means you can use baits on the hook that have previously been impossible including: 


This product has been designed to be used by Carp Anglers but has  many uses for the Sea Angler. Ideal to protect soft hook baits including lugworm . Ideal for protecting Black lug and stopping Dabs sucking the bait off the hook, Just slide a section over the bait and hold into position with bait elastic. Can also be used as a swim feeder type attractor. I am sure anglers will find there own use for this product , but my favourite bait for dabs is smelly Lugworm or Frozen Blacks the problem with these baits is that they go very soft and swell up and drop down over the hook point thus makes hooking these fish difficult, Also i cant wait to go back to the states with live shrimp this product will keep the bait on the hook much longer than the normal 2 min.




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Arma-Mesh by Fox

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