• Breakaway ready made  Rigs

A range of quality sea rigs made by UK anglers.safe and well constructed at a resonable price,suitable for long distance casting from the beach. Breakaway have been concerned at the amount of cheap but dangerous rigs available from superstores etc that are badly constructed in the far east and dangerouse to use on populated beaches to combat this trend we are providing this range of simple but effective rigs

Whiting 2 hook flapper rig constructed with 60lb rig body,  2 x 2/0 hooks attached with 18 lb clear snood line. fastlink weight attachment. 1/0 swivel to attach shock leader, size 6 swivels are held in place by mini crimps and small oval beads.

whiting distance rig has the same components but using a Imp as master release and cascade swivel for hook release

whiting 3 hook available as flapper or Distance same as above

Cod rigs are made with 60lb rig body Impact shield for master release, 4/0 hook to 25ld clear hook line. size 4  snood swivel and 1/0 top swivel.

cod pennel uses same materials but with 2 x4/0 hooks

Flatfish rigs are made with 60 lb r ig body size 2s hooks to 18lb Clear line attached to size 8 swivels.fastlink for weight attachment and size 1/0 swivel for leader attachment one hook below lead

Boom rigs uses same material but avis clear booms

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Breakaway ready made Rigs

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