• Italcanna Vector Tornament/ Fishing Rods

Italcanna has produced along with the help of some of Italy top tornament casters the new Vector series entirely computer designed and repeatedly tested on various casting fields by some of the worlds top casters including our own Lee Adams who helps Breakaway and Italcanna to test and promote these fantastic rods, all who have used and tested these rods comment on there lightness and power. To testify all this there are also the two recent Italian Records that had been unbeaten for over 10 years. The Vector is able to deliver outstanding performances through the use  of high quality materials, which also makes possible a new record of lightness in this rod’s category. The tip’s stability during casting is another point of strength. The various models differ as follows: Model A4 - the most powerful, suited to the top casters using 170 plus leads Model B4 -an excellent tornament rod for the less powerful but capable of huge distances in the right hands. Model C3 - is a very good casting rod with lighter tip ideal all-round fishing rod,  All rods can be used for all the weights provided by the LC discipline. The rod is fitted as standard with light and thin Minima guides to avoid unbalanced weights and to improve an aerodynamic brake. Available without guides on request. 2 sections with bag  We now have limited stocks of Vector A4 - B4and C3  blanks complete with rod bagplus all blanks can be custom built with Fuji Alconite rod rings or your cho        ANYONE INTERESTED IN iTALCANNA RODS IN NORTH EAST CAN PHONE MAVERICK ON 079323 49588


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Italcanna Vector Tornament/ Fishing Rods

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