• Breakaway Spear-Spade Sea Hooks Pkt 10

Breakaway Spear-Spade Sea Hooks These were the first hooks we ever had hand made for us by Partridge of Redditch. We produced these before the Spearpoint range of fine wire hooks that now have a cult following. The spear-spade was designed to stop bait sliding down the shank and masking the point of the hook.

The spade is offset and pointed to retain bait above hook ( be carefull when stripping bait of the hook as the spade can stick into your finger) As the eyed version this hook is extreamly sharp with small barb close to the point same black finish but with a spade end instead of an eye.

Oonly 3 sizes available 2/0 (Limited), 4/0 Bass, and 6/0 Cod.


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Breakaway Spear-Spade Sea Hooks Pkt 10

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