Special engineered spare spools for light mono or braid,holds approx 200 yds of 10lb mono or 20lb braid.European anglers have over the past few years developed this method of Sea fishing, long light rods with light lines,Uk anglers are now also embracing this form of light fishing especially in the clearer summer waters,Long light rods are now in most sea anglers holdalls.The missing link is now also available light line spools to go with your fixed spool reel its no longer neccersary to fill up your reel spool with loads of un-used line which causes casting problems as the light line digs in and causes cob-webs,We are now importing a range of spools others will be coming on stream if requested, we will try to get special orders but some reels available in the uk are known by different names in Europe but as always we will do our best

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Competion spools

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