• SEA RIGS saltwater soft lures

Why choose Searigs Softec Lures.


Searigs SOFTEC lures are so effective as the texture feels very natural to the fish, attracted by the unique movement of the lure they will hold the bait in their mouths for a longer giving the angler a better chance of a hook up. Along with the unique colour pattern searigs have infused the SOFTEC material with a natural attractor matching the individual lure. Which means the lure looks, moves and even tastes like the real thing, supplied in a zip seal foil pack these lures can be used time and time again.



 Why choose Searigs Saltwater dips.


Searigs have produced a range of match winning bait dips for use in Saltwater and Brackish conditions, made from natural ingredients extracted from Fish, Shellfish and Worm these dips are super sticky, super smelly, and super tasty. Just pop your pre -baited hook into the pot, leave to soak for a minute or two, take out and  you are ready cast in. These dips will send a fantastic scent trail into the water attracting predatory fish to your hook bait. With added key amino acids, vitamins and minerals plus a few of our own secret ingredients specifically developed to enhance the senses of predatory fish, keep these in your tackle box you never know when you might need them.


 SOFT LURE THATS HOOKABLE AND REALISTIC IN APPEARANCE infused with Amino acids delivering a fantastic bait trail ideal to fish on the move from beach or drifting boat

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SEA RIGS saltwater soft lures

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