• Italcanna Tricolore 180

Three pieces of the latest generation that are able to cast weights up to 5.3 and 6.3 oz in ground side. The particular action of this model is the perfect blend of sensitivity, the ease of casting and long distances. It arises as an excellent fishing rod evolved at high levels. The rod is made up of three elements in high modulus carbon reinforced with nanocomposite resin a 14.44 ft total length. The summit, thanks to a reinforced structure, accepts small errors during the casting phase. The joints are made with the new reverse taper system Italcanna (patented) Rewtaper for perfect and stable changes. Excellent for sports competitions, it has been developed thanks to the efforts of our long-casting champions. And just to emphasize the efforts of our team and to clearly indicate the origin of this model we chose an innovative look. When the rod is fully assembled, with the three elements of a different color, it represents the color of the Italian Flag (Patented for industrial design)

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Italcanna Tricolore 180

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