• Italcanna Sparviero 4.35 Fishing Rod

Ideal rod for Normal Casters. Sparviero covers the need for a two-piece rod, with split action, suitable for power launches in fishing, therefore easy to use, suitable for both medium and advanced users. It is a tool completely dedicated to fishing with a non-exaggerated action, able to adapt to the fisherman and not the other way round. Structurally it is a two-piece symmetric, with a small diameter, about 21mm at the reel seat which, under dynamic load, draws a perfect C curve, however detecting a short and extremely sensitive dead tip. The rod lends itself to being underestimated as it is light, thin and with a fairly yielding stock, but the goodness of the carbon and the perfect scaling of the bow make the response fast and pleasant. It does not nail, it forgives a not perfect launch, it is docile, but the return is instantaneous, almost unexpected at the closing, even violent. On the picket it is regal, the very sensitive top bows to the waves just enough to not move the ballast, but the arched sub-top makes it sufficiently ready to handle spikes and sanded pyramids. The top indicates the minimum touches clearly, difficult not to notice a customer feasting on the other end of the line, even if small. The recovery of a prey generates new sensations, the top favours in an incredible way the escape attempts, but the control of the bigger preys passes to the sub-top that is not kidding ... The rod handles well from 100 gr to 175 gr Breakaway weight, with an optimum of 125 - 150 gr plus bait depending on the type of launch, liking the fishing commuter and the off the ground even in an extended configuration for maximum distances. Let's say that this tool represents a return of the two pieces to the world of fishing. As standard mounted by rotary with Coaster Clips, and on request with Reel Seat. Leaving other fields to launch fields and extreme casting techniques, we regain possession of the joy of a rod suitable for the advanced user who wants to have fun on the seashore struggling with waves or quieter situations but always with the awareness that for once, as in the old days, it is the rod that adapts to the launcher, not vice versa ...

new lightweight 2 piece Rod 4.35 m casting 150g . fuji Fazlight rings breakaway coaster reel fittings

Watch this great rod in action!...  Sorry its in Italian.

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Italcanna Sparviero 4.35 Fishing Rod

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