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Bait capsules are all the rage at the moment and without doubt they have there uses whether casting a whole squid bait or as the flyer is designed to do cast 3 soft baits like Maddies without exploding, and flying off your hook when hitting the water, i have been using this small capsule for the past two seasons but have only had time to make a few for friends and team members.But as i am asked more and more to offer these for sale i will try to meet the demand for as long as i can, these are available in 100grm and 150grm weight size, i have found that even the lighter version hold far better than a 100 grm lead i think this is due to the open end, in a tide run i am sure it shovels itself into the sand or shingle you will often have a struggle to get it out of the sea bed and would advise to open up the wires to make easier release. as for rigs i use with 3 small baits on a 3 hook drop down rig attached to a pulley swivel that is free to slide up the trace body (no Crimps ) on hitting the water the pulley bead slides up the rig body pulling out the 3 hooks. I have found that if tied with 15-20lb hook length this rig is tangle free but if cast without capsule will tangle every time,  can also be used with single larger baits or normal 2 hook rigs

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Maddie Flyers

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