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The technological challenge gathered by Italcanna has led to the development of tools with technical characteristics that are difficult to reconcile until a few years ago. A striking example is the brand new Tesla, a two-section tool dedicated to fishing but with stunning ballistic performance.
Fishing gear is increasingly subject to compromises
compromises dictated by user choices:
- some prefer power by tackling demanding weights, bulky baits, waves and algae.
- others prefer more relaxing situations having as a target medium-sized root-worms over very long distances on very low beaches with perhaps undersized plumbing.
- Not to mention very deep beaches, perhaps with a dirty seabed where the prey (often congers or moray eels) must be forced without regard.

This is to say that with Tesla we have tried to design a rod that would cover most of the situations a fisherman could encounter from the coast. In fact, the tip is extremely sensitive, the barrel is regal on the picket, at calm sea it signals every slightest movement, absorbs the broken wave perfectly and arranges itself correctly, following the current. Grappling with spikes or prey notable to be extracted from its own rocky sanctuary, the tip instead makes space for the under-wrap, madly fast and ready.
The secret of this rod is precisely this:
short tip and very convex but arc of an impressive response speed to make the rope work, an important but not impossible handle. Overall, the response speed of the rod is in fact extremely rapid with a return without rebounds, both with light plumbing (90-100g) and at the end of the range (175g + baits).
In the launch it is not particularly demanding, obviously depending on the power band, while the extreme speed of response requires a short adaptation period. It should also be noted that the point allows a constant and punctual contact with the ballast during the launch phase, facilitating air launches.
As mentioned the sensitivity is unreal and the top creates a cushion with the prey allowing the use of terminals on average thinner than normal, all in favor of the sensitivity and enjoyment of the user.
The barrel, a 4.35 m cut into two equal sections is extremely balanced, the materials used have allowed the construction of a very light weight tip, while the stock has a correctly thin section, without falling into extremes that put users in difficulty with normal sized hands. Do not be fooled too much by the length, the dead tip is in fact annulled during the launch, bringing the barrel to the 4 real meters manageable by people with average skills both physically and technically.
Although it is not a too indicative test in the field in the hands of our testers, it has systematically exceeded the 230 meters, with wires in reel from a platform to testify to an extraordinary ballistic ability, while underlining that it is a rod dedicated to fishing, not designed for extreme footboard gestures that we do not recommend. In conclusion, the tool is extremely sophisticated and fun, surpassing the concept of two heavy and challenging pieces with an eye to incredible sensitivity and extreme versatility.
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0A1000 for fixed 4.35 2 Fuji FazLite 100-175 g 223 cm

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Italcanna Tesla

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