• ITALCANNA HEXACON 4.3 telescopic

The Hexagon is Italcanna’s top of the range surf casting rod. The first rod to be constructed from a mix of high modulus carbon and titanium, the Hexagon offers a perfect combination of rigidity and strength. The result is a slim rod capable of building virtually twice the power of a high modulus carbon rod releasing it almost entirely in the cast. The Hexagon 100 compresses quickly even in cramped conditions, making it ideal for lighter beach or rock fishing situations when targeting striped and gilthead sea-breams. The 150g. Version is lightweight and responsive and compresses progressively allowing huge distances to be reached even without forcing the cast. The Hexagon 200 is powerful and reliable and comes into its own with heavy leads and light lines. All models are perfectly balanced and come with plastic guide caps, unique antitangle Fuji SIC guides with stone embedded in the metal frame and running guides with a special elongated profile designed to prevent rotation.

iN THE UK telescopic beach rods are mainly ignored by the serious angler i think this is because in the past we think of Telescopic rods as a cheap joke rod maybe okay for a holiday trip if nothing else is available, In Europe many anglers use and love there telescopic rods and in consequence much thought has gone into there design,looking on the Italcanna website many serious anglers love there Hexicon rod so we thought we would get some in to look at and try, i was very surprised and rate this rod as first class

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ITALCANNA HEXACON 4.3 telescopic

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