• Italcanna  ASPIDE MP150

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D-827cvrqiY#action=share                                                                                                                                                                             The Latest Italian match rod 4.45m  designed to cast 75/175g   total weight 540grm with Fuji reel seat and Fuji K guides.We are well aware fishing rods are just a tool to spend some free time with on the beach, but if you, like us, love challenging the impossible you totally have to look at the new Aspide rod, and we're not talking about the outside... 

One of our partner anglers had a specific request for us and that's where Aspide comes from, he then followed all the practical tests and development steps. This rod is the newborn object from our research and development team, it required several months of attentive work to be projected in detail as it is, 5 prototypes and 8 different raw materials. 
The request waa rod with great power, able to maintain a long lever during loading phases to gain high escape velocity without, at the same time, hardening the tip. On the opposite, the tip had to be so thin it could completely be set to zero during casting but immediately come back to full action and sensibility in fishing. All this without breaking and, of course, using the best materials around, keeping a small diameter, extreme lightness and especially, the hardest thing, join all these features without creating a discontinuous action. 
That's why Aspide is based on a very innovative concept, never attempted before, a new way of thinking fishing rods, different from all our previous products and all other rods on the market. 
There sure are other hard rods around, but Aspide exemplifies even more than Vitium the idea of a "Tough with sensible Soul" rod. Despite the clearly strong lever it is still able to carefully lead the bait in the first phases. 
By simply moving it in the air you cannot understand what we're talking about: 
it feels like a two pieces, but looking at the tip we realize something's not the way it should be... (is this a beach or surf rod?) The final results for this project have been even more incredible than we could ever expect: 
- a crazily impressive loading speed 
- immediate come back with minimum vibrations, zero breakings even on super thin lines 
- you push and it goes, this rod goes progressively yet fast from the start 
- it can be used from 75 to 175g (2,6 to 6,2 oz), a rod that beside a few specific applications goes well beyond the concept of range, ideal weight, still or rough sea. 
- The center of gravity of the whole rod is close to the reelseat for a perfect balance (absolute lightness has no benefits without a good balance) 

For all these reasons we decided to define Aspide the complete rod: "The Ultimate" 
Is it different from any other existing rod? Yes, it is 
Can it really “shoot” so far? Yes, totally, adapting to the caster's style 
Is it expensive? Yes, but there is no other way to obtain a similar result 
Did we dare too much? Maybe... but who doesn't love dreaming about the best, wanting to move forward and beyond? 
The first model we will come out with on the market by the end of April is the MP150, with an optimal weight of 150g (5,3 oz), Fuji FAZLITE rings and screw reelseat, 4.50m (177 inches) long in three symmetrical pieces. 
REWTAPER (patented) joint system 
ASPIDE's tip makes it just as lethal as the namesake snake: one bite and you're dead

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Italcanna ASPIDE MP150

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