Italcanna Fishing Rods


For nearly 50 years Italcanna has designed and built fishingrods and reels just to meet the fisher’s requirements of the whole world and In the fied of the fishing-rod, Italcanna enjoys a reputation of world quality.
The modern machinery of Italcanna, working on a cover area of 4.000 square meter with specialized workmen that praise over 30 years of experience.
Each fishing-rod model is tested both in laboratory and by expert fishers that check them very accurately: technical and practical tests that guarantee the ”Italcanna quality”. It is enough to have a look at the catch-records to realized all this:
  • Italcanna holds, at the moment, a good 5 World Championships 11 European Championships, 37 Italian Championships
  • In addition, Italcanna is the official distributor of the brands Andes, Eagle Claw and Scotty on the national territory
  • we stock the most popular rods for the UK market but Italcanna produces 100s of Rods that are available to order through us VISIT for complete range

Italcanna Terranova 4.5 metres

Italcanna Terranova 4.5 metres

Though slim and lightweight, this rod provides plenty of backbone and optimum casting power, making ..

£320.40 Ex Tax: £267.00



Italcanna vector La. What can I say I’ve used zziplex for ever,never let me down!!recently purchas..

£540.00 Ex Tax: £450.00

Italcanna Vector Tornament/ Fishing Rods

Italcanna Vector Tornament/ Fishing Rods

Italcanna has produced along with the help of some of Italy top tornament casters the new Vector ser..

£480.48 Ex Tax: £400.40

Italcanna Vitium

Italcanna Vitium

Translated from Italian  The Italcanna commitment to design research and development of new t..

£441.38 Ex Tax: £367.82

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